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Increase minimap size.

Artem 5 years ago in Game mechanics updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 3 years ago 4
I think it would be perfect to increase minimap (character portrait menu->map) size. For both minimaps (right and left). It will rock for sure!!!

Is there a shape shifting class?

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago in Game mechanics / Character development updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 2
Currently I am on level 18 with the cleric staring at the entrance to level 19. Surprised I have made it this far I am stoked to unlock some new classes. I was wondering if there was a shape shifting class? If there is I want to work on unlocking that one...

Why dont I accumulate Rage?

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago in Game mechanics updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 3
I stopped getting rage at level 14, I have tried to open and close the game but still no accumulation. I have two gold items and nothing cursed. I have the paladin set 3 items +1 defense.

Should hardcore mode be available without completing the game?

ООО "Байт-АП" 4 years ago in Game mechanics updated 4 years ago 0
Questions regarding permadeath and its implementation are asked frequently.

In Warlock's Citadel permadeath is available in hardcore mode, which is unlocked once player completes game in normal mode. From our point of view this mode is achievement and bonus for those able to complete game and want more challenge.

However, we can provide this mode from the start. Those interested in permadeath only can start playing without need to play a lot to get an option to select this mode.

What do you think?
Yes, hardcore mode should be available from the start
No,unlocking is fine.
Doesn't matter at all.

Any good build for the cleric?

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago in Game mechanics / Character development updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 4
At first I was going for the first tree, but after beating the minotaur, I reliezed I had 0 crowd control and just got stomped the first few tiers beyond him.

What about the items? I have got 3 priest items and 3 barbarian items, the priest allotted  +1 to light and the barbarian +1 to attack...



Primarx 3 years ago in Game mechanics updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 3 years ago 4

can you add in the description of the armor is it light or heavy type? While some are pretty obvious other are a bit confusing and it takes 20orbs to understand your mistake which is unpleasant.

Also, is there a reason to invest in Active Defense skill as 7-15 defense = 7-15 attack which is to even normal monsters is too little to make up for 50orbs.

As a suggestion may be make a formula defense-10=to bonus attack or something along this lines.

Not a bug


Primarx 3 years ago in Game mechanics updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 3 years ago 3

    I am playing on my smartphone. Barbarian hardcore mode. When loaded my save to continue i found out that all potions became ???? again , even those that i drank in this very lvl. I continue on the the same day. No updates of PO or game were installed.

    Under review

    Hidden rooms

    Primarx 3 years ago in Game mechanics updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 3 years ago 1

    apart from randomly bumping into walls is there a better way to find them especially in later lvls as maps becomes larger and more complicated so checking all walls takes too much time. Also read on forum that some doors need to be open (yes/no?).Can you post some tips about it as you did in question about golden guirdian?

    My ideas about it:

    1) you can see the quantity of hidden rooms if open a map

    2) (preferable) you can find a map with them dropping from the strongest monster on the floor or the biggest mob.

    Under review


    Raythe 4 years ago in Game mechanics updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 4 years ago 4

    Hi. I'm enjoying Warlock's Citadel on Windows Phone. I'm just beginning with it and it is great so far. Has a lot of potential. I have some suggestions for your consideration:

    1. Moving/shooting diagonally. - Game play would feel more sophisticated.

    2. Rest in place for a turn without moving. - This would allow an enemies to move while you hold your position. There are ways to do this (like tapping an empty potion slot) but it's kludgey.

    3. Choice of move OR shoot towards an enemy. - Sometimes you want to move in a direction to escape danger or pick up a health orb, but if there's an enemy in that direction then you end up shooting instead of moving. This can get you killed.

    4. Prompt before going down a level. - If you inadvertently move into a stairwell before you're ready to leave a level, you're forced to go down and that's it.

    5. Make item colors consistent. - For example, red is used for health potions, but the health bar and orbs are green, while doors in the map are also red. Blue is used for mana, but blue is also used for exit locations on the map. It would help if item colors were more consistent and differentiating.

    6. I like how the character shows with he's wearing/wielding. - Not a suggestion, just a compliment. It's a nice touch.

    I love this type of game. Thanks for your excellent work so far. Keep developing it and I think it'll be a huge success!!



    Primarx 3 years ago in Game mechanics updated 3 years ago 6

    i found a princess and defeated golden gurdian afterwards but got bad ending as if i haven't founf her. It was normal difficultyand i died once after meeting her. Is death the reason for bad ending?