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stuck at the golden guardian... no bug i just suck

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago updated by Alexey Tarasov 5 years ago 3
*will upload pictures in a day mobile device wont attach

Ok so with the new update I was able to make it to level 25 and from what I can tell it is the last level in the citadel. I am a clerk wearing a necromancer shoes, hood, ring (with various boosts) the dragon armor and amulet. I wield the shining staff as main and the royal sword as backup along with the dark shield. I have the bottom row of the cleric skills maxed, lighting attack, fire ball, the ice blast and the mana passive. I also ticked up to get madness.

I have over 30 magic stat

I cannot kill the golden guardian with this build. Everytime I get close he duplicates himself and I am put on the run. Unlike other bosses this guys room has no corpses lying around, so I have to wait until he summons a few bad guys. He generates ghosts and blobs so plague is ineffective largely. Shackling is ineffective as it only lasts one or two rounds, and with the new update the damage was handicapped to 80%. Lighting only does like 22 and he is not weak against ice or fire.

once I do get zombies successfully raised the golden guardian torches them using a similar as the demons (where standing next to him burns the zombie with fire). I have been able to get all of the potions in the room. On top of that I carried a full vial set and still consume all the potions in the room. Frustrating.

conclusions are that ultimately the heal spell is worthless. It cost to much mana and doesn't heal enough. Weakness is worthless in boss fights. I doesn't slow or weaken long enough with the bosses. Plague is worthless in a boss fight as the poisons aspect is the negated.

I have 3 lives left and have given up that this character will make it through the doors. Or beat the warlock.

What is in byteUP's scope for future release

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 2
Love this game and was curious where I could find out more on what the company is developing or has already made available to the public... I post this here because when I touch the logo on Warlock's Citadel it routes me back to this site...

Where are the pieces to the dragon set?

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1
Ok I got through the game but can only find two pieces of the Dragon set the Armor and the Amulet

The Amulet:
is ALWAYS located in a crystal room in the tunnels. There is a hidden club that is behind one of the blue crystals. grab it an equipt it to smash the larger red crystal structure in the room. under that there is the amulet.

The Armor:
I have found this item only once and it was in a hidden room in the Hydras den. I just pushed against every wall after killing the Hydra and found it hiding there. Can any one else confirm the location?

Where are the other items?

Trap exploit

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 2
This is not really a hack as much as an exploit.

One can expose a trap if one is observant.
1)Kill an enemy that drops an item but will not leave a corpse (I.e. Little spiders in the tunnels. This is to ensure that there would have been a blank tile after the enemy is defeated)
2)Insure the enemy is on a Trapped tile when killed
3)Once the enemy is killed, notice how the item drop does not land on the tile that enemy was standing on. This indicates a trap or hidden treasure on the tile.

missing mini map after resuming Windows Phone 8.1

Doggy O'Reno 5 years ago updated by ООО "Байт-АП" 5 years ago 3
Not a big deal but figured if it wasn't already known it note it... Let me know if you can repro

1) Open the map menu from the game
2) Touch the mini map on the right ---this is the zoomed out mini map without the items being shown on the ground)
3) lock the phone with the physical button on the device
4) unlock the phone and resume the game

NOTICE: the mini map is gone, returning to the map screen shows that the mini map is active on the game screen (indicated by a red boarder). Toggling off and then back on resolves the problem.