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> когда в зашел в умения и нажал на одно из самых правых умений.

проверим. Спасибо, так яснее куда копать.

> По идее палка должна больший дпс выдавать, но по факту меч бьет на 10+ урона больше

Вообще, у меча Сила +14, Магия +4, ну и урон по нежити +100%. С палкой сила +1, совершенство даёт +3 к Силе, Магии и Скорости. Точно палка совершенства, а не что-то иное?

Достижения есть и на телефоне, но сохраняются в файле настроек. Режим хардкор - это тоже достижение.

В бете 4 планируется отображение их либо через сервисы Googe Play, либо средствами игры.

> Просто Перешёл на следующий уровень. 17 уровень.

поправится с обновлением до беты 3.

> Мини-карта не отображается больше. Хардкор не доступен стал.

Это после обновления от релизной версии до беты или от предыдущей беты (когда стал доступен только маг льда?). Скорее всего это вызвано затёртыми настройками при обновлении от публичной версии до беты. Миникарту в бете 3 можно будет восстановить через окно карты (нажать на карту), первые 4 класса тоже восстановиться должны, а вот харкдор и остальные достижения затёрты безвозвратно. Если это критично, то мы сможем это поправить как только станет доступно сохранение на SD-карту, вероятно в бете 4.

> Лвл отображается некорректно хотя карта показывает нормально и работает игра как нужно.

а как это произошло? Загрузка нового уровня, генерация после смерти, загрузка сохраненной игры, что-то ещё?

> Можете поставить таймер как часто он может срабатывать, а то 5-7 раз за батл глаза режет.

посмотрим, как это можно сделать более комфортным

> Можете сделать возможным отображение экстра функции не одевая предмет, а просто наводя на него как в меню.

Это несколько облегчит игру, если заранее известен ряд свойств, которые имеют проклятые предметы.

Можно попробовать не показывать отрицательные свойства до тех пор пока предмет не экипирован.

> Стал ли он резать ее сильнее за последние 2 бета патча?

нет, отнимать ярость должен так же, как и раньше.

> Пусть уменьшает как силу или урезает в Х раз , либо уменьшает на ,допустим, 50% .


  • For example there are two chests near each other and in one u have armor and in another lies a weapon. If u step on armor chest u'll see which type of armor it is which is good but if u on your next step move on weapon chest a small picture of type of armor will still exist unfortunately.

Yes, that was fixed yesterday, hopefully a new beta will be uploaded later today with other related changes.

  • not sure if blessing weapon skill works with normal weapons

It should. Otherwise it doesn't work correctly.

  • I can use both English and Russian languages, which is preferable for u to work with

Whichever you like. Russian is native language of both developers of the game, though.

Thanks for feedback.

  • Installed beta and got all classes locked except ice mage. Even basic 3 are locked.

We're looking to classes lock right now. The issue is in different settings format (we've messed up somehow) and it is possible to get base classes back by deleting all data, however we're trying to fix this bug without need to lose data.

  • Old save crashed once when i wanted to go to main menu, afterwards no crashes still.

Hopefully crash will be reported in dev console, otherwise it is difficult to guess the reason. Probably we'll integrate crashalytics into next beta-release, although it requires internet access permission.

  • If i understood correctly you should be able to see current speed of the game during actual game. If its so i don't see anywhere apart from options in main menu. (Great addition btw )

it should be displayed for slow and fast speed as blue semi-transprent characters "/2" and "X2" accordingly. Will recheck it.

  • When you stand on potion and u have 5 in your bag already and u need go up it's a bit uncomfortable to click in a right way. Can u make potion notice box a bit smaller and more to the center/moving down a little

It is definitely possible. It produces another issue, though: it will be a bit difficult to rotate personage (right now you can do it by touching it)

  • The overall scale change makes it easier to play but as i see more than light +1 will rendered useless so maybe add one more box tile to each side from the character to see

Scale will be returned back for high-resolution displays in next beta. Right now game loads default layout for smaller screens, which is incorrect.

  • About armor bonus as a possibility u can add extra button (like now we have Drop and OK) when u click on your gear in in game menu. And for weapons there can an explanation of its extra characteristic if it's a yellow equipment. If possible to be able to see this option/button while standing on a chest to come up with a decision whether to start gathering a new set or choosing better extra option of your weapons.

Current implementation is not final, just an experiment, which is not very successful as it is somewhat awkward to see leather armour and light armour icon together.

  • In status menu when u click for more information for example critical chance can u make it show u on top something like ( 20% + 15% + 5% =40%) where 20 is from gear , 15 - from skills and 5 is character bonus. It will make it clearer and convenient to see. It doesn't need to explain wlfrom where each number is coming from not to overload screen with unnecessary info.
  • It will be greatto be able to see your elemental damage in your status ( if u click on magic to see a possible elem. dam. with current magic like +7 when u click on magic for further info.

That is good idea, will look into possibility of implementing those that or may be other similar way.

  • Would u add a room count for the current lvl when open map.

It is possible, but for non-secret only, of course.

Well, backstab is good and cheap, but still requires mana. Anyway, certainly there are different styles to play the game.

>Also, i.e. if i have a complete barbarian set and maxed that ability it gives extra lvl as a complete set bonus. Will it be counted as lvl4 or won't work?

No, it is like 2 different skills working simultaneously.

> On a side note, is it possible to add something like a reference to the (main) menu where u can see things like

> professional bonuses and armor set bonus.

Sure, we're waiting for translation of class descriptions, which is basically all about class abilities. Regarding armour sets we have idea of in-game quick reference, but not in near future releases. Although it can be posted as a text on this forum as soon as we get next version released.

This weekend we're planning to upload beta version of nearest release to dev console. It shouldn't have this princess bug and balance is significantly changed, therefore it may be a bit more difficult to play.

If you want, we can add your Google Play account to beta-testers, so you will be able to play and finally find the princess and keep that fact known to game.

Cool, glad it is not a bug.

Ok, seems like a bug. Will be retested in next version.