Your comments

Well. I dunno. Imo backstab works much better than active defense and cheaper too. And enemy's spells reduce armor too strong in late game for it to play any roll.

Also, i.e. if i have a complete barbarian set and maxed that ability it gives extra lvl as a complete set bonus. Will it be counted as lvl4 or won't work?

On a side note, is it possible to add something like a reference to the (main) menu where u can see things like professional bonuses and armor set bonus.

Finished game in hardcore mode. Found princess, still telling me i haven't found her -_-

It really is a bug it seems.

PS. Barbarian is too op if played good. To kill golden guirdian i haven't used any potions at all. Too broken in comparison to other classes.

yeah, I did. Didn't know what it did though. Thanks for clarifying.

no, only in the where i found her and never again

the ability to see a whole map would be great through a menu.