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I like the hud mini map screen size. Rather than increasing the map in the menu, maybe allow scrolling
Ok all of that helped. I ended up beating him. The biggest help was finding out that there were goodies in the adjacent rooms, I didn't even think to try those doors, but will the extra potions on the ground I was able to get him.

My Tactics:
(Nicknamed Wicker) is a magic heavy cleric build. I intend on showing pictures, but am having difficulty uploading them. The most important skills for this fight were:

Weaken= level 3
Fireball= level 3
Ice Nova= level 3
Mana Boost= level 3

I carried:
Shining staff
Dragon Armor
Necromancer Hood
Necromancer Ring
Dragon Amulet
Necromancer Boots

1st) Run and open all the doors that are available, if you have an empty vial set, grab potions along the way. I always carried 3 Mana and 2 health
NOTE: Make sure that you do not lock yourself into a room as the Golden Guardian quickly starts summoning foes

2nd) Once all the doors are open, begin thinning out the foes that the Golden Guardian has created. Do not raise any zombies it eats the mana to fast and they are too slow and weak. They are, at best in this fight, a distraction for the foes that the guardian had made.

3rd) once you have thinned out all the foes, you can start your fight with the guardian. Replenish health and mana to full

4th) Cast weaken and make sure weaken stays on the golden guardian

5th) stay only one, no more than two spaces away from the guardian. Cast fire ball.

6th) The Golden Guardian will slowly approach, once he get to the space next to Wicker, cast ice nova until frost debuff is added

Repeat the 5th and 6th step until the clone appears

7th) Cast weaken and make sure weaken stays on the golden guardian and the new clone

8th) use the Columns in the room to divide the Golden Guardian and the Clone

Repeat the 5th and 6th step until VICTORY!

Having all the doors open upfront make for easy retreats into full health and mana. I didn't end up using any of the stuff in the chests I felt confident in my gear. After getting the dark shield I never used rage again as a magic caster.

I ended up saving myself after a huge conflict as to if I should save the knight. I figured was it all for if I don't at least make it out alive with the princess. I was assuming the princess was still with me, but I guess I understood the story wrong, as after saving myself, it turns out the princess was killed also and the citadel stays. I was thinking I would make it out with the princess.

Loved the game. Thanks for the help.
I was wrong about the friendly fire I have been progressing nicely with the zombies again
I have been playing the cleric. I tried all the other classes but like this one best. The demons torched my zombies, which I wanted to use as a wall but I cant shoot "over" them. The vampires are immune to the mind control, which I found effective against the golems. I actually had little problems dealing 1-3 golems by mind controlling one and shackling the adjacent enemy. That bottlenecked the hallways and doorways nicely. All the magic the higher levels make it very hard to advance as the damage just keeps stacking the more the walk behind each other.

It seems a bit unfair that they are not effected by friendly fire, but my poor 80 hp zombies are.

mind controlling demons with the crown is also very handy in the top levels. Madness and mind control stack, so things get a little precarious when desperations turn to shooting all the spells you have.
also vampirism would be way more useful if it took both health and mana. Just the health steal is good but I find that I keep it only if I cannot cast weaken to benefit from sorcery. The same could be said for sorcery, stealing a bit of mama would be handy.

still love the game and look forward to getting to the top some how.thanks.

I have been collecting the paladin garb until I see the demon garbs starting to drop. The dark armor I actually got a full set of but was disappointed I traded a curse dark amulet for a dragon amulet. The bonus was just health, so I figured this was suited for the warrior.

I am a little confused how the blessing skill works. The wording says that it is calculated by magic, but the small calculation below says % of att + magic..I still always max this skill as it yields about 3 extra damage over all.
died level 23 is my max I completely suck
Finally was able to get back to level 19 after many frustrating deaths.. It's fixed I am currently at level 21 tanks so mutch
Awesome thank you so much. I have a few levels to climb bit will let you know asap how it goes.

I found enough traps to kill myself, but when redoing the level I notice that the  problem still exists. In replaying the level I was able to redo some of the dialog from the princess and noticed that the text was a bit out of the box, as attached screen shot shows. 

my 4 year old deleted that save spot :(... so now i have no way to repro so I am redoing the game with a wizard to see how the wizard fares.
Ok great I'll have to wait for you to get the fix in

I remember that when was in the middle of talking with the princess I had let my phone lock. When resuming game the dialog was gone but the princess was still there. I could not restart the dialog.... So I don't even know what happened in that part of the atory